2020 Big Summer Challenge

Welcome everyone to my 2020 Big Summer Challenge. The challenge will involve the following goals in order of priority:

  1. Hike/Run all of the 14ers in Colorado and all 53 14ers along with the other 5 recognized recognized peaks that are connected by a saddle
  2. Hike/Run the last 14 peaks in a Nolan’s 14 bid. Complete the last 14 under the Nolan’s 14 format even if the 60 hour cutoff is not made.
  3. Complete the Leadman 100,000 challenge
  4. Thru-hike/run the Colorado Trail if time permits after bagging all of the 14ers

The plan will be to go “on the clock” once the first 14er is started and the clock will stop once the last 14er is completed or a lap/split will be logged before the CO trail run starts.

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